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Leather Wizard has been producing Different Leather Goods for almost 15 years and has always managed to maintain a high level of service to its customers. By constantly achieving and surpassing its goals, Leather Wizard has established itself as a valued supplier of Different kinds of Leather Products.

We solemnly promise that any styles that we manufacture for you will not be reproduced for another customer and not find any way to go into the other hands. Although we deal with many customers whose styles may invariably fall within the same category or market segment, we ensure that your styles, information and quotations are kept in confidence.

We look forward to having long-term mutually beneficial business relationship with you. We request you to give us a chance to work with you, in just a few deals you will find that we are your desired manufacturer of Leather Items.

We also offer OEM services for every type of Leather and composition of Leather Goods. We have the ability to create custom products for our clients and are always happy to work with our customers to develop new products and variation on existing products.

We can support your new project research and development in an efficient way because we have many years of experience in manufacturing custom designs for our valuable customers. We have the knowledge to achieve the goals of your project effectively.

We always use an international standard packaging to reach the Products safe in the hands of the consignee. Moreover, We always pay special attention to the development of the packaging standard.We allow our customers to have their own logo on all of our products.

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Leather Wizard (C.E.O)

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